What Should You Know About Online Dog Training Classes?

22 February 2021
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Dog training is an important part of responsible dog ownership. Dogs who are poorly trained can be destructive and even dangerous. Dogs thrive when they have clear boundaries laid out by their owners. Boundaries and rules teach your dog how they should act in order to please you. Dog training is one way to instill these boundaries. Dog training classes will give you the tools you need to effectively teach your dog desired behaviors. Read More …

Why Your Puppy Needs Obedience Lessons

13 November 2020
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If you were one of the millions of Americans who adopted or purchased a dog during the quarantine of COVID-19, that puppy is likely old enough now to need some manners. There are many dog obedience courses that you could enroll your dog in, but are they worth the time and money? It is possible to train your dog yourself, though it takes quite a bit of time, consistency, and know-how. Read More …

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