Three Ways In-Home Dog Training Benefits Puppies

Three Ways In-Home Dog Training Benefits Puppies

9 May 2023
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Training a dog at any age requires effort, but when it comes to puppies, the task can be a bit more challenging. The natural curiosity and, for some puppies, shyness can make it harder to get the dog to focus. For dogs in these groups, in-home dog training affords some benefits.

Comfort of Home

A puppy has to adjust to a new environment just as a human does. If you adopted the pet at a very young age, the dog likely likens your home to the comfort they felt when they were still with their mother, so it is a safe place. If you take a young dog into an unfamiliar environment, they are more likely to feel uncomfortable. An uncomfortable dog is far less likely to be engaged and interactive. 

Having a trainer come into the home allows the dog to thrive in a comfortable environment. In-home training also allows your pet to be more responsive to the trainer because they will view the calmness you display with the trainer being in the home as a sign that the trainer is safe. 

Real-Time Assessment

The goal of dog training is to correct disruptive behavior and instruct the dog on how to behave appropriately. When you visit a trainer, you essentially have to tell them about any concerning behaviors your dog is displaying in the home, which can sometimes be lost in translation. 

However, when it comes to in-home training, you do not have to tell the trainer anything; they will have the opportunity to witness the activity on their own. This real-time assessment will help the trainer target their training to the specific needs of your animal, which will make the training that much more effective. 

Increased Owner Involvement

Similar to being in their comfort zone, when a young puppy sees their owner is engaged, they too get the sense that it is okay for them to engage. With in-home training, the trainer will often rely on the engagement of the owner more often than they would at a training center where there are other dogs and owners present. 

Owner involvement makes training more effective in many ways. First, it helps the owner assert their authority since they are leading in the behavioral correction. Second, the owner has the chance to practice the skills they are learning in real-time. 

If you want to experience the benefits of this training option for your puppy, speak to a trainer to learn more about their in-home dog training services

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