Take Your Dog To Obedience Training

Take Your Dog To Obedience Training

12 July 2022
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Getting a new puppy is exciting. Additions to the family are generally a good thing. But that brand new puppy isn't going to be the most behaved dog out there. They have lots of energy and aren't going to do what they are supposed to do. It's up to you to teach them how to obey you and do what you tell them to do. The easiest way to do that is to put your dog through some obedience training. This training will give you commands you teach your dog to get them to do what you want. There are different levels of obedience training. 

Basic Training

Basic obedience training will teach you and your dog the most basic commands to have a good foundation in obedience. Those commands include sit, lay down, heel, come, and stay. Your dog will need to know all of those things for basic obedience, but if you decide to take their obedience training further, your dog needs to be successful at the basic commands before they move on. If you are looking for training classes, you should look for novice-level classes. Most dogs will be fine with this level of training, but if you want to go on, there are more advanced obedience training classes you can attend with your dog. 

Intermediate Training

If you are looking for training classes to participate in at this level, you may want to look for courses that say that they are open level. The terms open and novice refer to obedience competition levels. Your dog has to earn points for obedience competitions to move up in classes. Your dog gets those points by how well they perform at the competitions. Of course, you don't have to compete to have your dog attend these intermediate-level classes. You will have to meet any prerequisites that the class has, including proving your dog has successfully gone through lower-level classes. The teacher may ask you to perform basic obedience commands to show that your dog is ready to move to higher-level courses. 

When you get a new puppy, you should go through some obedience training with them. That will make it easier for you to handle them. It will also mean that your dog is going to be more polite when they are out dealing with the world, and people are going to like being around you and your dog because of that training. 

For more information on dog obedience training, contact a professional near you.

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