Is Your Dog Too Hyper And Out Of Hand? 2 Tips To Help You

Is Your Dog Too Hyper And Out Of Hand? 2 Tips To Help You

20 May 2022
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If you have a dog that is constantly hyper and out of hand this can get frustrating for everyone in the home. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to help with this problem, two of which are listed below.

Dog Boarding Training

Find a dog boarding training facility in your area. This is much like a dog boot camp. You take your dog to the facility and leave them there for a couple of weeks. The facilities have experienced trainers that will work with your dog and train them to behave better.  

Your dog will have specialized training to help with behavior problems, such as hyperactivity, aggression, and fear. Your dog will be taught basic commands like sit, stay, down, heel, no, off, and come. Find a training facility that is set up much like a home instead of a boarding facility. This will help give your dog the same environment to work in so they will acclimate better with their training once they arrive back home again. 

You will need to keep up with the training once your dog arrives back at your home. The boarding facility may give you many tips on how you can do this. Continue with the basic commands and give your dog plenty of treats to reward them. 


One big reason why a dog is hyperactive is it has too much energy. One way to get rid of a lot of this energy is to exercise your dog. This can be done by taking them for long walks once or twice a day. If you have a large backyard, fence it in and let your dog run as long as they want. 

You may have dog parks near your home if you do not have an area for your dog to run. Ask the rules of the park before you let your dog off leash. Purchase toys to play with your dog outside. If you have a very small dog, purchase toys to play with them inside. 

Take your dog with you everywhere you can as this can also tire them out. For example, if you are going to the pet store take your dog with you. This also gives them social interaction with people, which can be helpful.

If your dog continues to be too hyper, no matter what you do, take them to a veterinarian. There may be a medical reason for their behavior.

Contact a a dog training service, such as Work Smart Dog Training, for more information. 

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